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On Hold Benefits

What you can do with an effective on-hold strategy

On hold benefits

Sell more products

Advertise your company’s products or services in a friendly, logical way. You can alert them to new specials and promotions, or simply tell them what else your company offers.

Advise on Hours and Services

On-hold advertising allows you to provide details like business hours, location, and directions. You can also expand on these basics by letting callers know more about what you do. You’ll know that while you’re busy or away from your phones, your on-hold audio is working for you.

Boost Your Company Image

You have a clear idea about the identity of your company—and this is an opportunity to share it. On-hold messages influence what your callers understand about you in relation to your competitors. Above all, your callers will get a sense of how you value their time and business.

Curb Frustration

Listening to a nice, informative message while on hold alters a caller’s perception of time and reduces their anxiety—time passes more quickly, and they are not upset about having to wait. Keep your customers entertained while they’re waiting and reduce the risk of them hanging up.

Improve Customer Service

You can show that you have your customers’ best interest in mind by maintaining contact while they’re waiting a few moments on hold. We can emphasize that you’re getting to their call shortly and you care about attending to their needs.

Reduce Hang-Ups

Custom music on-hold messages reduce the risk of hang-ups and lost business. They reduce the tension of waiting and the likelihood of lost revenue by providing an extremely affordable way to both reassure and market to your customers while they wait. Above all, you never want the RADIO as your on-hold backdrop. Not only is that copyright infringement, your callers could be hearing a commercial… for your competitor!

These are just some of the many on hold benefits. If you have any questions you can call us anytime at 1-888-899-8511contact, or email us. One of our friendly customer service representatives will answer all your questions.

Keep your callers on the line!

On hold benefits

Custom audio designs that layer music, speech, and well-thought-out words are just the thing to captivate customers during those sometimes-awkward moments when they’re waiting on hold. You can relay essential information, cross-sell more of your products, and allow your callers to get to know the company. These are some important on hold benefits.

At Advanced Productions, we look forward to assisting you with on hold audiovoicemail greetings, and video production services for many years.

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